ZIMS – magazine on multiple sclerosis

This magazine is an experiment, an English edition of our ZIMS-magazine which is published twice a year in German. Though this is an experiment, the content of the magazine is sound. The aim of ZIMS is not only to inform about Multiple Sclerosis but to take a critical patient‘s point of view and  doing so on a scientific level. The editorial team consists of a former doctor, a psychologist and a political scientist, two of them diagnosed with MS for many years. Just how much fear MS creates, how much bad information there is and how patients are not taken seriously by their caregivers is not only part of our own experiences with the disease. We are also part of an independent counseling centre for people with MS in Trier/ Germany and hear about these issues from patients and relatives of patients almost every day.

The articles we picked for this English Edition cover topics that cause anxiety among MS patients, such as: “Silence is not golden” doctors not informing patients about the data available, “Afraid to Eat” caregivers telling patients to change their diet, and “Suicide and Multiple Sclerosis” where doctors inform patients that the rate of suicides is seven times higher than average for those diagnosed. We also cover two topics that become an important part of life after being diagnosed with MS but is rarely talked about: “White Spots” how MRI scans are supposed to lead to a better treatment of MS but really don’t and “Can’t take it any longer” which covers just how many MS patients quit their treatment against medical advice. By keeping information or misinforming patients causes serious harm, which is something the Hippocratic Oath, “Do no Harm”, should prevent.

We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know your opinion via Email: zims@gpsd-trier.de

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